My formal education was in liberal arts, psychology and business management.  I spent several years in the business world before pursuing my long time interest in art.  As a child, I was constantly drawing and was also interested in art history. Once I decided I had to paint, I left the business world and I threw myself into studying art at a rapid pace.    I attended Mission Renaissance art school in Austin, Texas-a school dedicated to the study of the “Masters”. While in Austin, I also took many classes from Laguna Gloria Art Museum School of Art. I then began taking many workshops throughout the United States.  My early workshop studies were dedicated to colorful landscapes and still life, so many of my instructors were known as colorists. I continue to take one or two workshops each year as I believe one should never quit learning from others.

Approximately 20 years ago, I felt the need to change my direction after some east coast and European travel.  I became very interested in a more subdued tonalist palette and started studying painters from the 19th and 20th centuries such as George Inness, Isaac Levitan, John Henry Twachtman, Richard Schmid and Russell Chatham.  My painting style has changed over the years from a bright color alla prima style, to now a more tonalist classical approach for which I was initially trained. This more methodical way of painting is quite stimulating and challenging to me. My style today is an indirect painting style.  I paint wet into dry to layer the paint and create the luminosity in my paintings. The process is slow and as a result I am always working on several pieces at a time, each one in various stages of completions. In addition to my plein air painting, I am in my studio five to six days each week on average about 6-8 hours a day. When we travel, most of my painting is done “en plein air”.  I take many photographs and use those images along with my field notes and studies as reference guides to paint my large paintings in the studio.

My subject matter comes from all over the country.  I strive for my paintings to have a universal appeal and not just a particular region.  I feel that my work is about human emotions in time and space represented by light, darkness, warmth, cool, wet, dry, etc.  These elements brought together should evoke a very human response of how one feels upon viewing the painting. If they connect that way, then I feel my work is validated.


Nancy Bush is a native Texan, born in Austin and currently resides in Fredericksburg, Texas. Her pursuit of art has taken her to many beautiful places in the world to study and paint a wide variety of subject matter.  “Landscape is my love and is always a challenge, spiritually and emotionally. The variety and vastness of it can sometimes be overwhelming.  Simplification is the answer. “Less Is More”. The last light of the day or daybreak interests me more than other times of the day. I also love gray cloudy days. Trying to capture the spirit and emotion of what is happening before my eyes is the greatest challenge. “I want the viewer to feel the physicality and emotional essence of the subject matter of the painting.”

Her greatest influence in her art has come from the nineteenth and twentieth century painters George Inness, Isaak Levitan, Bruce Crane, John Henry Twachtman and Russell Chatham. “Nothing can imitate nature, but I hope my paintings will convey a single quiet moment of the landscape in its raw beauty.”


April, 2011-Two Person Show-InSight Gallery-Two Perspectives-Fredericksburg, Tx

October 2011-Saks Galleries-2nd Annual Les Femmes-Women of Note Exhibition, Saks Galleries-Denver, Colorado

October, 2011-American Impressionist Society National Show-Mountain Song Galleries, Carmel, Ca

November, 2011-Invitational-National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum-2011 Small Works, Great Wonders Winter Art Sale-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

March, 23 2012-Invitational, Briscoe Museum of Western Art-San Antonio, Texas

June-Oct, 2012-Crossing Paths-Two Perspectives Show-Rockwell Museum of Western Art-     Corning, New York.

September 1, 2012-Group Show-InSight Gallery, Fredericksburg, Tx

October, 2012-Two Person Show-The Worrell Gallery-Santa Fe, N.M.

October, 2012-American Impressionist Society-Annual Exibition-Indianapolis, In

November, 2012-Invitational-American Women Artists’ annual exhibition and sale-Tuscon, Az

November, 2012-Invitational-National Cowboy & Heritage Museum’s-Small Works Great  Wonders Winter Art Sale-Oklahoma City, Ok

November, 2012-American Art Invitational “Small Gems”-Saks Gallery-Denver, Co

March 23, 2013-Invitational-TheBriscoe Western Art Museum-“Night of Artists Sale”, San Antonio, Texas

October, 2013-American Impressionist Society Annual Exhibition-M Gallery of Fine Art- Charleston, S.C.

November, 2013-One person Show “Light & Atmosphere, The Journey Continues”-InSight Gallery-Fredericksburg, Tx.

November, 2013-Invitational-National Cowboy & Heritage Museum’s Small Works and Great Wonders Show & Sale-Oklahoma City, Ok

March 28-30, 2014-Invitational-Briscoe Western Art Museum-“Night of Artists Sale”-San Antonio, Tx

Fall 2014-Group Show-InSight Gallery-Fredericksburg, Tx

May, 2015-Invitational-Fredericksburg Art Auction-Fredericksburg, Tx

Fall, 2015-American Impressionist Society Show-Trailside Gallery, Scottsdale, Az.

Spring, 2016 Two Person Show-InSight Gallery, Fredericksburg, Tx

August, 2016 Two Person Show-Astoria Fine Art-Jackson Hole, Wy

October, 2016-Two Person Show-InSight Gallery-Fredericksburg, Tx

October, 2016-Two Person Show-Astoria Fine Art-Jackson Hole, Wy..

March, 2017-Invitational-Briscoe Western Art Museum--San Antonio, Tx

Mar, 2018-Invitational-Briscoe Western Art Museum-“Night of Artists Sale:-San Antonio, Tx

Oct, 2018-One person show-InSight Gallery-Fredericksburg, Tx

Oct, 2018-Invitational, American Impressionist Society

Dec, 2018-Holiday Small Works Show-InSight Gallery-Fredericksburg, Tx

Mar, 2019-Invitational-Briscoe Western Art Museum-“Night of Artists Sale-San Antonio, Tx

May, 2019-Invitational-American Tonalist Society(ATS),Salmagundi Club-New York, N.Y


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American Impressionist Society-Master Signature Member

American Tonalist Society-Master Signature Member