“When I add my imagination to the miracles of nature, I find the essence of my work.”

Having spent her childhood in a lush farming area of Pennsylvania, Kim’s relationship with nature began early.  She used the farmland behind her home as the backdrop of her many forays into childhood fantasy. Exploring in the fields and pastures was a frequent pastime.  She would then use the inspiration she found to create and illustrate stories. A fond memory is sitting with her Grandfather as he admired her drawings and told her that she had a good imagination.

Primarily self-taught and still eager to continue perfecting her skills, Kim combines her boundless love of nature with studying, sketching and photographing the flora and fauna in the various regions she visits.

Surrounded by majestic landscape and abundant wildlife in Sedona, Arizona, Kim continues to combine her lively imagination with reality and show us nature through her eyes in the sculptures she creates.

Kim Kori is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists and a Master Signature Member of American Women Artists. Her award winning work is in numerous private collections and public venues throughout the world.   



“My life is all about nature, exploring distant lands and imagination.  I try to combine all these elements in my sculptures of flora and fauna.  Always insisting on creating unique sculptures, I tend to push the boundaries in bronze with my intricate style.  I especially enjoy imagining what life would be like as a small creature in a tree, on a mushroom or scurrying through plants much larger than me while gathering sustenance.  Nature is filled with infinite miracles that never cease to amaze me. I’m blessed to find these miracles surrounding my home every day.”